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Imagine Yourself Up Close and Personal with Incredible Animal Wildlife!

An authentic, adventurous, and affordable experience! So much more than wildlife, this amazing journey will uplift your spirit and fill your heart and soul.


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  7. How to stay safe in these countries and what shots you will need before traveling?

What Our World Travelers Are Saying: Honeymoon Highlights

"I'd like to thank Safari Kay for planning an amazing honeymoon. I've been planning a wedding all year long and it was nice not to have to worry about any details when it came to this trip [...] all of it was arranged, which is really really refreshing when you come here [...] It's really really important that you have a good driver, it can make or break your Safari in my opinion. And we had amazing drivers..."

-Lauren Harmon

Tanzania, Voted The Best Destination for Animal Sightings!

East Africa will offer you that. From the plains of the Serengeti to the plains of the Maasai Mara, wildlife will be at your door.

Looking for Iconic Sights, Cities, and Events, Uniqueness?

Then how about South Africa, or go trekking for gorillas in Uganda or Rwanda.

You imagine it, Destined To Travel can customize it.

'Felt like Royalty', What World Travelers Are Saying!

"... Just an observation of other vehicles and other people that we've talked to while we've been on Safari: I think that you [Safari Kay] totally research the properties. You do site inspections so you know what the properties look like, so I'm not buying a tour based on something off the internet. And I know that you know my taste [...] so I know the camps that we are going to go to are going to suit my style. Because of the relationships you have with the camps also, they really treat us like royalty..."


Just Where Do You Stay? and What Do You Eat?

Throughout Tanzania and Kenya, you will find a host of african safari accommodations, with properties to suit all individual tastes and budgets.  If camping is your priority, there are camps that will meet your needs, from the basic to the more luxurious, if it’s a lodge (small hotel in the bush), there are many that will suit your needs.  If it’s high end luxury, there are many properties that will pamper you and offer amenities that you could never imagine.  Some areas may even have fly-camping camps or sky beds.  If you can imagine it, most likely you can find it or someone will create the atmosphere you want.  Africa is a place of dreams.

Above are some of the African Safari accommodations you may find yourself staying in Tanzania and Kenya.  I recently discovered two hidden gems, Siringit Golf Retreat and Nimali, both will be properties to meet your every need and will be offered on specific safaris, designed by Destined To Travel.

One Elephant is killed every
minutes due to poaching
A Rhino is killed every
hours due to poaching

What are you waiting for, really?

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