Make A Difference Safari

Leaders of TomorrowA Safari with a Mission

The Make A Difference safari offers an opportunity for guests to give back and help the community and the 27 disadvantaged youth that reside at this Children’s Home.  Appropriately called the Leaders of Tomorrow Children’s Home, these young children age 6 – 16 aspire to be leaders in their community in various fields of education.  They have a thirst for education and Destined To Travel does assist with providing tuition for the children as they enter high school.  Through the Make A Difference, we offer Operation Backpack and Meet the Panther.


Each year, Destined To Travel brings guests from all walks of life to share their profession, skills and talents with the children and the children share with the guests about their country.  The children attend school and have private tutoring regularly.  Our guests may take them on field trips or organize different activities with the children. They will stay at the Children’s home for 3-5 nights, and may participate on a 2-4 night safari at the end. 


It is our hope and the hopes of the founders, that these young minds develop into leaders where national leadership is within the realm of their possibilities, hence the name “Leaders of Tomorrow” Children’s Home.

Meet the Panther

Pete O'Neal Black Panther

Safari Kay and Pete O’Neal

Pete O’Neal is the founder of the school and the brains behind setting up the United African Alliance Community Center (UAACC), which encompasses the Leaders of Tomorrow Children’s Home.  Pete is the former leader of the Kansas City Black Panthers, and is in exile in Tanzania.  You can see his story in the You Tube video, A Panther in Africa.  His story is compelling and reflects the turmoil that the country faced in the 60’s.  Pete is personable, a story teller and absolutely loves that he has made a difference in both his life and the lives of these children. 


He is amazed at how he has adapted to the children, and they’ve adapted to him and his wife Charlotte, a leader of the community in her own right.  As an author, poet, spoken word, artist, she has started many programs for the children, to help bring out their hidden talents and skills.



Operation Backpack


We encourage our guests to bring a backpack filled with items that the children might need for school, for their person or educational games, things that could help their children in their lives.  We ask guests to leave the backpack with the school as they can use them in their everyday needs. The Make a Difference Safari is solely for the purpose of raising money for the children, and providing guests with the opportunity to help mentor the children. With this worthwhile organization, guests can feel confident that their funds go directly to the school and those who see to it that the children of the school receive their education.  No more wondering who’s getting paid at the top.  Through our efforts, we have raised money to install solar, purchased tablets for all of the children, help with their educational needs and purchased clothing and other necessities for the children.

At the present time, there are 27 young disadvantaged ages 6-16, who reside at the school.  Here they have an opportunity to be taught by volunteer teachers many different trades, in addition to their regular school subjects.  These children are very anxious to learn about the world, and about possibilities they may not know exists. Guests will have a chance to meet these children personally and spend time learning more about them and their future aspirations.