Your African Safari Encounters on this journey features three different tribal visits

Tribal Culturama:  The Maasai, Hadzabe and Datoga tribes all in one visit.

June 2019 – 10 nights, $5895 Double  $6395 Single**

This group will meet ‘Safari’ Kay on location in Tanzania. Please note:  Trip is based on six travelers for ‘Safari’ Kay to escort.  Pricing may change if less and group would be met on arrival by your driver-guide. Once in Tanzania you’ll be ready to start your Your African Safari Encounters.

African Safari Encounters

The Maasai Tribe

The Maasai people of East Africa live in southern Kenya and northern Tanzania along the Great Rift Valley on semi-arid and arid lands.  They live in Kraals arranged in a circular fashion. The fence around the kraal is made of acacia thorns, which prevent lions from attacking the cattle.

It is a man’s responsibility to fence the kraal, while women construct the houses. Traditionally, kraals are shared by an extended family. Source:  Maasai Association

The Hadzabe Tribe

The Hadza people are the last living hunter-gatherer tribe in Tanzania and are one of the last in all of Africa. The tribe lives in a style developed prior to the advent of agriculture 10,000 years ago and are currently an endangered people.

They grow no food, raise no livestock, and live without rules or calendars. They are living a hunter-gatherer existence that is little changed from 10,000 years ago. What do they know that we’ve forgotten?  Source:  National Geographic

The Datoga Tribe

The Datoga consider themselves the oldest tribe in Tanzania (the Maasai and Bushmen also claim this fame). … Datoga’s are farmers specializing in onion plantations, but share similarities to Maasai in some traditions.

They are characteristically known for keeping to themselves.  The Hadzabe & Datoga tribes are traditional communities not to be missed and are a great add-on to your Northern circuit Tanzanian safari.

Featuring:  Arusha, Tarangire National Park, Lake Eyasi,  Ngorongoro Crater, and the Great Serengeti.

Safari Notes

  • Private, typically 12 or less travelers
  • All Window Seats
  • Cooler in Vehicle
  • Rates are based on two people sharing a room (double)
  • Single rates are based on one person in the room (single)
  • Rates do not include air (Typically $1300-$1600 for this season)
  • Additional pre-paid gratuities, estimated at $250 per person will be collected with final payment
  • Excursions
    • Shopping Excursions
    • Maasai Tribal Village
    • Children’s Home and Community Support Program
  • Tarangire National Park
  • Lake Eyasi
  • UNESCO Ngorongoro Crater
  • UNESCO Serengeti National Park

*Due to airline schedules the departing date is tentative until schedule can be confirmed.  Does not include International Air, VISA entry, ($100) or Travel Insurance.  Additional Prepaid Gratuities estimated at approximately $25 per day for your ten day trip, will be collected with final payment, to cover service staff (not your driver-guides).  All trips are based on a minimum of six passengers.

** These rates are only guaranteed, if booked with a deposit by February 1, 2018.

Proposed Accommodations:  (Due to availability, we reserve the right to substitute properties as necessary or required)

Mt. Meru Game Lodge (2)  Tarangire Safari Lodge (2) Kisema Ngeda (2)  Country Lodge (1) Ndutu Safari Lodge (2) Acacia Farm Lodge (1)