Too Much Sun?

Yes, I think so. It was a bright sunny day, unseasonably hot as we drove through the Serengeti on this rather quiet day. 

Too much sun. Log lions

Quite a distance from the road we spotted what looked like a log, and I asked my driver at the time…so, is that a log or something else?  I expected him to say something else, but he surprised me when he said a log.  I’d seen so many ‘log’ lions, I thought for sure this one might be the real deal.  But alas, no!

Suddenly, as I turned to look again, the ‘log’ began to move, slowly turning over, with 4 protruding branches upright in the air.  It WAS a lion! She was turning over to warm her extended and full belly I suppose!  She was alone, and for a female, that is pretty unusual, so we figured there must be others somewhere in close proximity.

Made in the Shade

We continued our drive and came across these large drainage pipes.  As we drove by the first one, nothing looked out of the ordinary, until suddenly, as if annoyed by the sound of our motor, a head popped up from between the two large pipes.  Another lion, and as we inched closer, we realized there were three lions.  Then to our surprise, as we backed up, we saw there were three lions INSIDE the second drainage pipe, sound asleep and un-bothered by our excitement.

The biggest surprise came when we actually backed up again and saw that a large female was in the first pipe as well with one or two small cubs.  A pride of nine lions had found their place in the sun – or the shade I should say! We finally found our lions this day!!!!

Safari Kay

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