The Wonder and Imagination of an African Safari


The wonder and imagination when I travel throughout Africa is ever present. This story takes place in Tanzania.  Every African Safari is like a story in a book, a page to be read over and over, each time offering new perspectives.  When I look at all the stories told on an African safari, I’m always amazed.  Sometimes it’s the story of the animals, sometimes the people, but more often than not, it’s the landscapes, the trees, the plants, the flowers and the incredible nature that make me wonder and imagine. The bones, the skulls, the remnants left, are all a page in the great story told on a safari.


When I look at a baobab tree, I’m aways fascinated.  They call it the upside Baobabdown tree, because when there are no leaves on it, it resembles the root of the tree, with all it’s veins of information spreading out over the plains.  And I wonder, what is it telling the other trees.  And I imagine, as I know there are only a few areas where baobabs thrive, what are they saying, how do they relate their story?

When I look at the landscape in an area, and I only see one tree. What is it’s story. Where are your friends?  Why are you alone?  And I imagine, how lonely it must be without animals around, just wa

treewithfriendsiting for an animal to come and enjoy the lovely shade it offers, or the food it produces, or the security of it’s trunk. Those are the things I wonder when I see one lone tree in the miles and miles of space between them.  One tree is not alone.  While it may appear to be alone, there are actually hundreds of termite mounds covering the ground surrounding the tree. This tree has friends, visiting it’s spreading roots all around it.  I’m sure it would love to have a few animals enjoying all it has to offer as well.  That’s what I wonder when I’m on the open plains.



There are so many stories written on the plains.  I open the pages one by one.  I read them as if turning the pages of an open book.  I am amazed, I am insightful, I am curious. How is life on these plains for the beautiful and incredible nature that surrounds it. Beauty comes in many forms, this is but one of them.



I look at the colors, and I wonder, why the green is greener on one side, in one space over another.  Did they not get the same amount of rain, after all, they are neighbors. Is it a case, of my green is better than your green?  Maybe!


Everything is natural here, no one planted the grass, maybe birds carried the seeds and spread them where they thought it might be the best area. Maybe animal poop brought droppings to different areas and each animal manifests its own special colors of grass. Why is it that different terrains have no trees, none, zippo, nada….it all goes back to the days when the volcano erupted and spread its lava over this vast and barren land.  Yes, at one time, there was only molten lava – maybe?  Not sufficient for tree roots, not deep enough, not strong enough for roots to penetrate.  Yes, I constantly wonder, and I imagine.

And then we enter a hohotspringst springs, a dry hot springs.  What creates it? I’m no scientist, but I know that the earth is filled with natural wonders of its own.  Touch it, and you’ll find that dry doesn’t mean it’s not hot.  It means that the area surrounding it may have dried and formed huge multi-shaped patterns that spur the imagination.  Touch it though and your finger may quickly burn.  it’s just that hot.  Look at the

hotsprings2patterns, how creative, how imaginative is the creator.  A jig saw puzzle, a map, a path?  All the colors are different. And as I’m standing on this boardwalk, I imagine lots of things about this nature and all it’s heavenly and earthly surroundings.


I love that nature offers so much variety, so many things for me to wonder about. It’s always been there, but it’s never been so prevalent to me, so conspicuous, as from the start of my journeys in Africa.  There it is, all in one place, the colors, the trees, one or many, this kind and that, the kayathotspringsanimals of all shapes, sizes and colors, with, without horns, hooves or paws, stripes, dots, checkerboards, small and large, tall and short, with homes under the ground and homes on trees, long hair, short hair, green, gold, brown, and blues, clouds and cloudless, noisy and quiet, barren, and occupied, small villages, large villages, tribal, English and non English speaking, people living with and without, you name it, what’s the with, and what’s the without, or is it; barren land, crops, and fields of maize, fields of flowers.  It’s all there  – all in one place!


I turn to look at a butterfly, with fields of flowers to pollenate, yet some fly and fly and fly without a flower or tree in sight.  A mongoose who loves snakes, yet I never see a snake, what do they do, seek them out or call them in? A giraffe in a field with no trees, how far must they walk?  An elephant with no water in sight, do they dig or do they kaywheelcverwalk to it, how far they must go! How do the babies make it, or do they?

I wonder and I imagine!  My eyes are forever busy, there is so much to see, so much to be amazed by;  there is much to marvel.


Is it any wonder why all of this keeps me returning time and time again?  Every trip is a new story, a new page, a new chapter, a new reason to be amazed. I Tanzania!


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