The Greatest Show on Earth!

Wildebeest MigrationNo, it’s not Ringling Barnum and Bailey’s Circus.

It is the real greatest show on earth, a natural wonder that occurs twelve months out of the year in Tanzania, while two of those months, Kenya is home.

Soon, they will return to Tanzania.  What drives them?  It is their search for food (green grass) and water (rain).

What is it?

It is the migration of millions of wildebeest and thousands of zebra.  You’ve probably seen it on TV.  Well, it is real and it definitely can be seen in person.  I have seen it, I have experienced it and I have been there, waiting and watching.  I have sat by that river, the Mara River to be exact, sometimes for hours.

Patience is a virtue

Patience is something you must have if you think you’re going to see this.  And while you might be a little anxious thinking that you might miss something as you think you’re running out of patience, you must have a driver that is more patient than you.  It simply won’t work if you have a driver who says, aw, nothing’s happening, why don’t we go?

Wildebeest can take hours to make up their mind, or they can take minutes, you never know!  And then there are times they start, and then stop, sometimes several times.  And who else do you think might need to be patient.  That’s right, that croc on a rock on the banks of the river, or under water.  They know, it’s just a matter of time.  They can afford to be patient.  THIS is the greatest show on earth! There is nothing like it.  There are many migrations around the world, but it is said that nothing is as spectacular as the migration of the wildebeest.

It happens at the river crossing and it happens on the plains.  One night you go to sleep and there are one or two wildebeest.  When you awaken the following morning, there are millions just in front of your door making that noise that wildebeest make. How did that happen?  How do a million+ wildebeest come out of nowhere to appear as if they’ve been there the entire time.  This is one of the reasons, it IS the greatest show on earth!

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Safari Kay

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