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Subject: Use of Kay’s Image

This image of Kay’s appeared on Tauck’s newsletter and Calendar.

Kay Travels With Tauck World Discovery and Kay books Tauck, so be sure to call her for all of your Tauck destination needs.

Tauck Image

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Escorting a group to New England one year, we had occasion to visit a maple syrup factory in Vermont. While everyone else was heading for the factory, I stood back and watched the reflections on the water, and noticed the perfectly positioned adirondack chairs at the waters edge.
No one was sitting in them – perfect! I needed that picture. I waited until everyone went inside so no one was there but me and the birds. I knew the reflection on the water, the colors of the trees and the well positioned colorful chairs would make a perfect photo. In fact, it was so perfect, TAUCK tours, with whom I was traveling with my group, used it on their yearly calendar and in their USA/Canada brochure. How perfect was that!

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