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We are, but spectators in the game of nature, on the African Plains, the great Serengeti. We see, we hear, but we cannot tell. We communicate with nature through our own actions, our interactions, as we see, touch and feel our way through nature. We cannot tell. We see the herds of wildebeest feeding on…

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Life is Not Easy on the Serengeti, Part One


6:00 a.m. Against All Odds On this beautiful and serene morning, waking at the crack of dawn, my driver and I had decided that our group would have an intimate breakfast in the bush as an introduction to the Serengeti.  This is the time animals are engaged, active in the brisk morning coolness before the…

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Another Zebra Bites the Dust?

On a recent trip to Tanzania, as we were driving along getting our daily African safari massage from the overly saturated muddy and bumpy road, one of my guests looked over and said, “Awwww, look, another zebra bit the dust. Wonder what’s going on?”

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