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The Wonder and Imagination of an African Safari

WONDER AND IMAGINATION The wonder and imagination when I travel throughout Africa is ever present. This story takes place in Tanzania.  Every African Safari is like a story in a book, a page to be read over and over, each time offering new perspectives.  When I look at all the stories told on an African…

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Birthing Miracles – Part One: The Wildebeest

Witnessing a Miracle In the midst of a very large herd of wildebeest, I’d just told my driver that it’s been eight years since I’d been back and forth to Tanzania and I hadn’t yet seen a live birth.  Find me one, please, I pleaded like a kid in a candy store.  As if on…

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The Greatest Show on Earth!

No, it’s not Ringling Barnum and Bailey’s Circus. It is the real greatest show on earth, a natural wonder that occurs twelve months out of the year in Tanzania, while two of those months, Kenya is home. Soon, they will return to Tanzania.  What drives them?  It is their search for food (green grass) and…

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Tumble in the Jungle: Danger on the Grumeti River

Grumeti River Hippo Pool  It was just after we found a way around the rough and raging Grumeti River, that we stumbled upon this ‘tumble in the jungle’.  While we had figured a way around this raging river, this driver and his passenger were not so lucky.  In fact, not only did they end up…

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Another Zebra Bites the Dust?

On a recent trip to Tanzania, as we were driving along getting our daily African safari massage from the overly saturated muddy and bumpy road, one of my guests looked over and said, “Awwww, look, another zebra bit the dust. Wonder what’s going on?”

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Upcoming Tanzania Safari

Upcoming Tanzania Safari I just received the following email from Safari Kay so I am posting it here. Admin Here is Safari Kay’s super brief message. ——Original Message—— from: Kay Trotman to: Charles Harmon date: Sat, Jan 7, 2012 at 7:10 PM subject: Announcements mailed-by: signed-by: Now accepting deposits for March 2013 Tantalizing…

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