Birthing Miracles – Part One: The Wildebeest

Witnessing a Miracle In the midst of a very large herd of wildebeest, I’d just told my driver that it’s been eight years since I’d been back and forth to Tanzania and I hadn’t yet seen a live birth.  Find me one, please, I pleaded like a kid in a candy store.  As if on…

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Life is Not Easy on the Serengeti, Part Two

Lions early in the morning, Serengeti, African Safari

Last week I featured the migration of the Wildebeest and their tragedies on the Serengeti.  During our 6:00am intimate breakfast by the lake, we didn’t have a clue as to what we were to witness next. 8am – Lion in Wait By 8:00am, reluctantly, we move beyond the lake onto the almost treeless vast plains of…

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Life is Not Easy on the Serengeti, Part One


6:00 a.m. Against All Odds On this beautiful and serene morning, waking at the crack of dawn, my driver and I had decided that our group would have an intimate breakfast in the bush as an introduction to the Serengeti.  This is the time animals are engaged, active in the brisk morning coolness before the…

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Too Much Sun?

Too much sun. Log lions

Yes, I think so. It was a bright sunny day, unseasonably hot as we drove through the Serengeti on this rather quiet day.  Quite a distance from the road we spotted what looked like a log, and I asked my driver at the time…so, is that a log or something else?  I expected him to…

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