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A Potential Disaster in Flight

storks in flight

A Potential Disaster in Flight – Avoided, but What a Scare! We all remember Captain Sully and how, when birds flew into the engine, a potential disaster in flight, he landed the plane in the Hudson River.  We’re flooded with images of that moment, of thoughts yet not a one death.  We marvel at his…

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We are, but spectators in the game of nature, on the African Plains, the great Serengeti. We see, we hear, but we cannot tell. We communicate with nature through our own actions, our interactions, as we see, touch and feel our way through nature. We cannot tell. We see the herds of wildebeest feeding on…

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The Wonder and Imagination of an African Safari

WONDER AND IMAGINATION The wonder and imagination when I travel throughout Africa is ever present. This story takes place in Tanzania.  Every African Safari is like a story in a book, a page to be read over and over, each time offering new perspectives.  When I look at all the stories told on an African…

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Birthing Miracles, Part 2: The Topi

In awe of the harmony; yet danger lurks As we drive along the jagged and bumpy road that is the Maasai Mara in Kenya, gazing over the plains and commenting at the variation between terrains, hearing drops of rain on the bonnet of the vehicle, the sun barely shining through the clouds, we are in…

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The Greatest Show on Earth!

No, it’s not Ringling Barnum and Bailey’s Circus. It is the real greatest show on earth, a natural wonder that occurs twelve months out of the year in Tanzania, while two of those months, Kenya is home. Soon, they will return to Tanzania.  What drives them?  It is their search for food (green grass) and…

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Tumble in the Jungle: Danger on the Grumeti River

Grumeti River Hippo Pool  It was just after we found a way around the rough and raging Grumeti River, that we stumbled upon this ‘tumble in the jungle’.  While we had figured a way around this raging river, this driver and his passenger were not so lucky.  In fact, not only did they end up…

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