Saying GoodBye – is Always Difficult!

Today!! I shed tears, I remember our times, Today is the day I must say goodbye!  Goodbye to a dear friend and travel mate. Sandy, today and for the days, months, years to come, you’ve been a friend and I will cherish our friendship.  This is for you!

For all of us, today and each day is one more day that should remind each of us that tomorrow is not promised and show us just how fragile life is. All of those some days, one day, if you don’t make it happen, may never come.  Sandy made them come.  There was no one day or someday for Sandy.  She wanted to do it, she did it.  I have so much admiration for her.  Live your life while you can in your journey we call life.   I spoke to Sandy two days before I was told the devastating news!  Two days – we don’t know what’s in store for us, tomorrow or the next day or the next moment. We don’t know if when we lay down to sleep, whether we will wake up or where we will wake up.  Sandy didn’t wake up, but we like to think that she is now  awake in the great paradise beyond still enjoying life. Sandy made a choice early on. She chose to live life to the fullest and she did.  Sadly in losing that full life, she was already making plans to go on another adventure with me, when her tomorrow never came!  I salute you Sandy.

To think that Sandy is now silenced and I will no longer be able to hear her smile or see her spirit saddens me.  Her death highlights how important friendships are and how we must cherish and nurture them. Her death may be final,but the memories are lasting.

Sandy was part of my travel family; my travel family is part of my extended family. Without them, it’s easy to be consumed with emptiness. But when you have true friends, their memories fill those gaps in your mind, as much as you may miss their physical being.


Sandy and I were just speaking about her excitement for my ten year anniversary trip and that she would finally get to visit with my drivers, Paul and Sam again, and finally have the opportunity to see the migration and river crossings of the wildebeest…and zebra, something she’d longed to see.  That whole experience excited her…she was soooo excited, she could not contain herself.

For those who knew her, traveled with her, please find a silent moment on the trip to remember her. Together we will offer a moment of togetherness in silent prayer as we witness what she had so hoped to see, in her memory.


Today, I think of the many memories we made together, of the times she sparkled and her eyes lit up, when she shared stories of her family, children and grandchildren whom she loved and adored; of the times we laughed and shared the joys of our adventures on safari, and of how we swapped stories of her teaching days, and my ‘County’ days.  Yes I remember!

Sandy’s death was a devastating blow for everyone of her family and family of friends. We will all miss her. I will never forget you Sandy. Thank you Sandy for the rich memories and for enriching my life with your spirit! We did have some adventures……May you rest in Paradise…Always! HERE’S TO YOU SANDY! I remember you in Cuba, in Tanzania, in Botswana , in South Africa, and all the the times at home that we spent together, we salute you Sandy!


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