Pit Stop – Leopards

Leopard in a tree

Having had a morning filled with drama (see links below), we were ready to head back to camp in time for lunch. It was beginning to get hot. Animals are not too active when it’s hot. Just as humans will take naps during the heat of the day, so will animals.

We were about 45 minutes from camp, so we start to head back.  We all need to make a pit stop, so as we head for camp, the driver looks for a safe area in which to stop and get out of the vehicle.

In the meantime, guests start putting their gear away, looking at their photos and sharing their precious moments just prior.  It’s probably not a good idea to pack up your camera gear as the game drive comes to an end and we head back to camp. It’s a better idea to start the process when you see camp in site, though there are so many times when, as you are entering camp, we will see something that you’ll want to snap a photo of.

As our driver frequently does, he surveys the area once more, for any predators that might be in the area, to allow us to make a pit stop this time. As he is looking, he spots something…..this time in the tree.  Could it be an owl?  It could, but it’s not! Could it be a tree climbing lion, it could, but it’s not!!

leopard napping in a treeWhat is it now that all the gear is put away? What is it now that we all have to ‘mark our own territory’.  It is one of the BIG FIVE (buffalo, rhino, elephant, leopard, lion). A Leopard!  Nooooooo!!! Yesssssss!!! It is not just one leopard but two; a mother and her cub. Jackpot!!!!!

Take out those cameras, hold it; it’s going to be at least another hour or more before we head back to camp.  We decide if we want to make the pit stop first, and then come back for the leopards; or wait until we spend some time with the leopards. Nature won’t wait for us, and we don’t know if they will move on, so for what we are seeing we decide to sit with the leopards for a while before he head back. We won’t miss lunch, because lunch is whenever we make it back to camp, but surely, we will all be rushing for ‘le toilette’ the moment we arrive back.  Yes, at least an hour!


Safari Kay

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leopards on African Safari

leopards on African Safari

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  1. Betsy Jabola on May 5, 2014 at 9:20 pm

    What an awesome sight. Thank you for sharing.

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