By ‘Safari’ Kay Trotman Destined To Travel, LLC I remember when I mentioned to someone that I was going to start a business, what was to be taking groups on African safaris. He told me that he didn’t think I could make a business from taking folks on safari. So in 2007 I set out…

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Frequent Traveling Companion!

frequent traveling companion

PROFILE ON TRAVELERS – Here’s Millie! By Safari Kay Today I want to introduce you to my frequent traveling companion, Millie. I met Millie back in 2011 through a mutual friend. Millie happened to be talking to this friend about her desire to go to Africa. Our friend said, “then you simply HAVE to talk…

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How Africa Chose Me

HOW AFRICA CHOSE ME! ‘THE IMPACT TANZANIA HAS HAD ON MY LIFE’! By ‘Safari’ Kay L Trotman Many continue to ask me how I choose to specialize in Africa. Those who know me, know that I didn’t choose Africa, and are keenly aware that Africa chose me. From 2002 through 2004, there were dramatic changes that impacted…

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Make A Difference Safari 2016

african safari goers

Making A Difference Safari • February 2016        Just five short years ago, I had the pleasure and honor of meeting Pete O’Neal, after reading an article in the Los Angeles Times, about his exile in Tanzania. I knew I’d be traveling to Tanzania the following month, so I asked my driver to…

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The Joys of Flying – Unraveled

jet travel

By “SafariKay” Trotman I love flying, but it sure isn’t like it used to be. That’s true for everyone, but especially true for travel agents or anyone who routinely flies and has to pay their own way vs. their job paying for the flight. It pays to double check everything before you book because you…

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Life is Not Easy on the Serengeti, Part Three

PIT STOP – LEOPARDS Having had a morning filled with drama, first with the Wildebeest and then the Lions, we were ready to head back to camp in time for lunch.  It was beginning to get hot. Animals are not too active when it’s hot, just as humans will take naps during the heat of…

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One of the side benefits about travel to Africa is the behind the scenes opportunities to get to know not just about the people behind the scenes, but the animals. In 2011 Disney filmed African Cats in the Mara Triangle, documenting the lives of specific prides. This is where I first met Kali.  In case…

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The 10 Commandments of Travel Requirements

Are there travel requirements I need to know before I begin my trip? I’m often asked if there are any requirements for travel in the way of behavior.  The answer is yes….there are.  Many of them are for reasons of safety, but here are a list of ‘rules’ I share with everyone before the trip,…

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Fact or Fiction, African Safari: Flight, Food, and Fun

The Flight Before one even thinks about how long the flight is, they’ve already thought about the reasons why they don’t want to travel to Africa, among those reasons, safety, security and food.  Usually, the next issue is how long is the flight.  The truth is if you want to travel to Africa, it doesn’t matter…

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Fact or Fiction, Myths about African Safaris: Health and Safety

map of Africa

Enjoy your trip to Africa: Ebola and safety should not be a concern Ebola We talk of Ebola, a disease concentrated in the western part of Africa, some 3500+ miles from East Africa.  Despite this, East Africa continues to suffer as people cancel their trips well into 2015.  What are they waiting for? Why are…

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