Copyright ©Kay L. Trotman 2008

A group of eight we were this day, Destined to travel to a land far away

courtesy of Kay Trotman

To learn, to teach of this distant land, From our own experience, our own account first-hand
There was Donna and Brooke, Lorella and Darlene, From all parts of the states, we could be seen
Kristina and Kathy were part of the group, And let’s not forget Kay and Kate completed the loop!

All agents, all travelers, all women together, Packing for a trip to be light as a feather
Our guide Nico, welcomed us ‘home’, For over his land, we were to roam
A small plane, a large plane, which one would it be, As we entered the airport, a small plane we did see
Pilots, Marion and Simon bid us hello, And moments later, it was off we would go

The joy, the excitement, the thrill of it all, As we boarded the plane, we were having a ball
The landscape, the contrast, the beauty galore, Each day leaving us wanting much more
Unbelievable, amazing, phenomenal it was, Few can explain what this feeling does
We’d never seen land like this before, the glimpse we first had, just opened the door

Photos, more photos, so many to take, Turn here, turn there, which one do you make
Take it all in to make sure you see, You never knew what the next sight would be
To our guide and our pilots, we owe quite a lot, Our hosts, and our drivers, strangers we were not
Thank you seems so little to say, For the welcome, the hospitality, during our stay

Rivers, mountains, lakes and streams, a definite geologist’s dream it would seem
Fairy Circles and water, fantastic weather, Just sunshine and mist, not even a shower
From the ‘click’ of the language to the traditional dress, we experienced it all, to this we attest
We all met as strangers, but returned home as friends, But we shall return to this paradise

This will not be the end!………………………………Written by Kay Trotman 2008

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