Paul Panga, Professional Wildlife Expert


Paul has been the primary driver for Destined to Travel for over 10 years. Born and raised in Tanzania, he knows the country, its terrain, wildlife, and splendor intimately. His expertise, friendly demeanor and charm and have made his popular, often requested driver.

Paul knew he wanted to be a guide ever since he was a young boy, herding goats for his family. Back then was intrigued with the cars passing through the streets with people he’d never seen before, and he began to ask questions about it.

Every young child whose family is dependent on one of the young children to herd goats doesn’t always have the opportunity to go to school. Paul had other brothers, so Paul was fortunate. He went to Guiding and Tourism school and Wildlife Management School to learn all he could. 

He had a thirst for knowledge and that hasn’t stopped. Now, though, he shares it with Destined to Travel guests he takes on safari.  He is an excellent guide, well known throughout the industry and well respected.  Today, he even helps hire other drivers as the need arises. Paul’s knowledge of the industry and the standards Destined to Travel expects keeps our company at the top of its game. 

Everyone Paul takes on safari becomes a friend he cherishes.  You will too, once you go. He has been part of the life’s blood for Destined To Travel.

Sam Mmbaga

Sam has been with Destined to Travel for nearly six years. He is quite experienced in wildlife and knowledgeable about each area/ location we visit on safari. He loves to share that knowledge with his guests. Sam speaks English well and is very understandable. He has a great relationship and interactions with the guests. He is always teaching his guests some of his native language, Swahili.  You can count on Sam to be engaging and entertaining as he cracks jokes with the guests.




John Jorojick

John has been driving for several years. He has been with Destined To Travel about a year. John is fluent in Italian, Swahili and English. He is extremely personable and will always go out of his way to make sure his guests are well taken care of.  

John is very knowledgeable about the bush, the animals and the locations.  He loves to learn and picks up English from his guests.  In his spare time, you might find him reading the English language dictionary. Although he speaks English well, he has a very heavy accent, since Italian is his mother tongue, but Swahili is his common language. He is fun and has a lot of fun with safari guests.







Ukadi, AKA “Eagle Eyes,” can spot a chameleon in a tree miles away, and you won't see it until he pulls right in front of it.  Of course, everyone wonders how he did that. He always makes sure we don't drive by something that he has seen, without stopping and providing guests with information about that sighting.  When in the car, he keeps the guests entertained. He sings and teaches his guests Swahili.