For those who think it’s an impossible mission to go on safari, I’m here to let you know that this mission impossible IS possible.  Making an African Safari possible is MY mission. If you’d like a recommendation to speak with someone who has gone, I’m happy to provide you with that information.

Many of you have done armchair safaris in your life.  I did too before I started actually doing the real thing. What’s an armchair safari, you ask?  It’s the time when you sit back and relax in your arm chair and watch Discovery Channel, Animal Planet or National Geographic to tune into your favorite wildlife adventure shows.  You see on those shows, things that happen on the plains of Africa, can be beyond your wildest imagination.  It happens.  It transcends you the place where it is happening and you wonder what it’s like.  Is it real?

Do only reporters and professional photographers go, in order to bring you the story, the photos?  I’m sure those things cross your mind when you are watching.  What’s it like to see that in person, how is the person behind the camera feeling.  How long did he have to stay there to catch that shot?  All of those things must go through the minds of the person watching the action on your television.  I know I’ve thought it many times. Many of you have watched Out of Africa, or I Dreamed of Africa or Hatari….all big screen movies that take place in Africa. It had to make you wonder, how did they film that?

Was it real, did they create it, or is that what it’s really like?  I know I wondered.  Again, is it something that exists only on screen or in your imagination? – Do you believe that it is not something you would ever experience?  And is it because you don’t want to or you think it’s impossible?

As you know by now if you think it’s impossible, you would be wrong.  An African safari in Tanzania or anywhere else doesn’t have to only exist  in your imagination.  It can be a reality – YOUR reality.  Destined To Travel has made what was once thought impossible, possible.  As the owner of Destined To Travel, I’ve escorted many many groups to all parts of Africa for them to enjoy the sights, sounds, wildlife that is available for their viewing pleasure, for them to show on their own screen.  I’ve been, myself over 50 times.  These safaris are designed for your average working households. The cost is far less than most believe. We strive to keep it that way and so far our rates have continued to bring those of you who think it’s impossible, to join our groups.  Our May group is the most economical and it often fills up immediately after it’s announced.

In 2010, I partnered with Paul Panga, a wildlife safari guide and driver with over 25 years of experience and an excellent driver- guide in his own right. Together we starting creating our own personalized safaris.  Using our own newly purchased vehicles, we set out to offer one of the most personalized safaris you will ever experience.  Our groups are small, generally twelve or less, unless you bring your own group. We know that it isn’t always easy to please everyone, but between us, we surely do try.  We have a lot of repeat business, and we go to great lengths to provide you with an experience,  you could only get with a small, independent, experienced company.

I am Safari Kay.

I have been in the travel business part time for over 20 years and full time since 2006.  As a former Human Relations Director, that experience taught me as much about personal relations, when combined with organizing a safari – created a path that I never imagined. Many of you know or have experienced many changes in life and obstacles that change or derail the plans you might have once had.  This is what happened to me.  Without those adversities, I might still be in Human Resources.  However, I love this new life, this new experience, this giving back and offering the opportunity to share it with others.  If it was possible for me, it’s certainly possible for anyone, who wants to do it, is the way I see it.

The opportunity presented itself and together we made it work and built a business centered around this beautiful country, people friendly, welcoming and prolific wildlife destination – called Tanzania.  Our repeat guests just can’t get enough.  They know, like I know, that everything changes, no matter how many times you go, seasons, wildlife, sights, sounds, people, it’s an ever changing environment with one consistent theme – a welcome environment, a warm people and terrific wildlife.  The wildlife is threatening extinction – in our lifetime and that alone should make anyone want to go!

I began specializing and starting my business in Tanzania after I’d traveled to over twelve different safari destinations in Africa, and experiencing what it was like to be on safari in each of those countries.  Together with the knowledge and experience I’d already acquired about the destination, I sought out accommodations, interactions with the people and how they responded, assessed the cultural aspects of the area, the safari experience and the comfort of the vehicles.  In addition, I was

able to determine what each destination offered and how that experience differed from other destinations and how it could enhance or detract from my vision of offering a personalized and customized safari.   Those experiences helped me to make a decision on how I wanted to proceed in my business and what I wanted for the guests I would be taking on safari. Today, this is it.  I look forward to hosting you on safari.


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