Life is Not Easy on the Serengeti, Part Three

At 6:00am we witnessed the wildebeest migration, and by 8:00am we were in awe of a pride of lionesses and their cubs. What happens next had us awestruck…

9: 15 am – CHEETAH SPOTS

We realize we have been so busy on this morning, we have not yet stopped for our breakfast in the bush, now probably cold.  That’s the way it is in the bush, sometimes there is little to see and sometimes so much to see, you lose all track of time.  You just never know.  Regardless of which way it turns out on any given game drive, life in the bush is always an experience.

As we head for a spot where we will meet no predators, so we can enjoy our bush breakfast, our driver stops to scope out an area where cheetahs are known to hang out.  We hope today will be one of those days.  It surely started off good, with the wildebeest activity, then the lion activity, and getting another cat today would be icing on the cake.

cheetah in the tall grassWe drive up.  My driver scouts the area through his binoculars – nothing! We re-position the vehicle, – still nothing.  We re-position again, and my driver throws down his binoculars, and yells as if this was the first time he’d ever seen cheetahs.  “I’ve got them”. Cheetah spots, he spots the cheetah!  “Just take a look through your binoculars, they’re at 3:00”.  I always get confused as to where to look when they use the clock to determine position.  And Andrea’s dad explains what that means, and right away, she says “oh, I see them”, when no one else did.  We move closer, careful not to disturb them or get into their space.  For the moment we forget we were heading for breakfast.  Who really cares now?

Suddenly we see ‘spots’ move through an area where the grass is a little taller than most….then the spots disappear and we realize the cheetah found a new place to lay down.  It gets up almost at the same time it laid down, when we realize it’s actually two cheetahs.  At first we think they are hunting, but on closer look, we discover, they’re resting, and don’t look like they are in the mood to hunt, but we surely will keep an eye out.  They seem to disappear into the tall grass. 

cheetah atop a National Geographic vehicle

Just as we decide to head for our lunch stop, our driver scopes out the area again, this time he re-spots the cheetah, but not on the ground.  No, this time they have found a new location – atop a National Geographic vehicle out filming the migration.  Amazing, they came out of nowhere, after we lost them, and now they appear on top of the vehicle, one relaxing as if not to have a care in the world and the other standing in front, jumps upon the bonnet of the vehicle.  WOW!  What a great vantage point, the height of this used as their ‘termite mound’ where they can often be seen, makes for a 360º view.  They spot huge herds of wildebeest walking towards them, an array of choices, now what’s a cheetah to do?  Stay tuned.

Safari Kay


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  1. Eydie on April 4, 2014 at 8:35 am

    This must have been such an exciting moment. I’m equally excited about the National Geographic film team being there as the cheetah being there. Imagine watching this segment on TV and you can actually say that you were THERE when it was filmed!

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