Life is Not Easy on the Serengeti, Part Four: Breakfast in the Bush

Breakfast in the Bush  – 10:00am

African Safari, Land RoverWe decide to take this opportunity to have our already cold breakfast, so we head to a location where the driver determines we are safe, yet, we still have a good vantage point to watch  when the cheetah are actively hunting again.  As we eat, they are still relaxing on top of the National Geographic film crew vehicle.


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Safety first

While this sounds like a cool idea, this unbelievably beautiful cheetah on top of your vehicle, is still wild, still may carry rabies, and can be very unpredictable if stressed.  For a cheetah, not being able to get out of a vehicle would be quite stressful.

Consider this….cheetah jumps on top of the Land Rover, one or more guests panic, make sudden movements, and screams. The cheetah jumps, or falls, through the open roof.  You cannot put your hands on a cheetah.  What do you do?  So, as cool as it may sound, most responsible drivers who have guests in their vehicle will: re-position the vehicle, start the motor, or otherwise distract the cheetah from jumping atop.  For the National Geographic photographer, with no guests in his car, he is there to film.  The more dramatic moments he can capture, he will.  In the event a cheetah does jump on top if the vehicle the most important thing is to be silent and not panic while your driver takes the best action to keep everyone safe.

Eventually, we are able to get out of the vehicle, carefully mark our own territory in the bush (I think you know what I’m referring to), enjoy our cold breakfast, hot chocolate, tea and coffee, all while we continue to watch the cheetah from a distance.

As we prepare to leave, we are in sync with the cheetahs, as they jump down and key in on their prey.  We are now moving closer to them. We see the wildebeest and zebra herds moving closer and closer in range of us and the cheetah.  The cheetah have now taken their position; first well hidden in the brush unbeknownst to the approaching herds that are filled with baby wildebeest and zebra. Suddenly, the cheetah springs into sight and the wildebeest stop and face the cheetah down, in a knowing glance – as if to say, we know what you’re trying to do and we’re not going to stand for it.

Wildebeest and zebraThe cheetah waits. The herds are approaching closer and closer to the cheetah.  The babies are running alongside their moms.  Will the cheetah go for one of the very young wildebeests, or one of the larger wildebeest? Or will they challenge one of the baby zebra?

Cheetahs need plenty of food to sustain them until their next hunt. At the moment, they’ve got their food right in front of them.  How will they react ? What will they do?

Unbelievably, It’s only 10 a.m., and so far we’ve seen lion, wildebeest and cheetah activity…stay tuned for more action!

What’s your guess? Use your imagination and create your own ending to this story?

Safari Kay

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