Travelers Health

Many common concerns people have about traveling to various destinations include health-related questions. What, if any, vaccination requirements need to be met, how to prevent disease while traveling, big concerns about drinking water, and should they beware of certain foods?

I cannot prescribe medication or inoculations; however, I can recommend precautionary steps to help make your trip a safe and enjoyable one. I advise all travelers to seek medical advice, preferably from a specialist in travel medicine, if they have any medical problems or if they are taking medicines they may not be able to get once out of the U.S. In some cases after travel one may still need to continue to seek medical advice if they needed it before travel.

Below are links to the Centers for Disease Control Travelers’ Health pages for some specific countries which we could visit in Africa. Please keep in mind that any recommendations and/or requirements can change, sometimes on short notice.

If you are going on an African Safari with me please check out the following websites below for the countries you will be visiting.

South Africa