Who Are These Happy Africa Travelers? Or Not?

You might wonder, have there been any groups or people who were not happy, did not have a good experience in Africa!  It’s hard to imagine, but yes, after making one or more past trips, these few people, not the entire groups, expressed their disappointment in a property, country, experience, or me, or maybe all.  Everyone has expectations, but when you travel to Africa, and you have expectations, whether they are realistic or unrealistic or not, you have to be flexible or you may be sorely disappointed.

Someone may not like everything, even though I try my very best to satisfy everyone, I simply can’t.  If you recognize there are many things you can’t control, you’ll have a better appreciation of your experience.  This could be said for any travel experience in any country. If it’s not right, or not what a person is looking for, or expecting, then I accept that those guests must move on to satisfy their travel desires through other means.

I’m happy to say though, that’s only been less than 1% of the travelers who have participated on the Destined To Travel experience. 99% of the others whom I’ve spoken to, from Destined To Travel travelers, from other companies, and other countries, are excited, enthusiastic and always looking for the next adventure.

So who are these people who always have a smile on their face when they’re on safari? Many people wonder who actually goes on an African safari.  Where do they come from and how do I find them?

I find them from all walks of life!  You’ll notice many are relatives, friends and referrals. These travelers are YOU!  They have made the decision to embark on this adventure and not put it off until ‘someday’, which often never comes. They come from casual meetings, from striking up a conversation, from references of someone who has traveled or heard about Destined To Travel and Safari Kay and they come from several corners of the USA.  They are under 30, they are over 30, they are Caucasian, Black, Filipino and everything in between.  They are men, women and yes, they are children.  They are cousins, sisters, families, and honeymooners.  They are all of YOU!

Let’s meet some of them!

MarshaMarsha:  Marsha is my cousin.  Several years back when Marsha was living in Chicago, she and her daughter were visiting me in California.  They helped me work a show that I was doing and in the process saw all the photographs of the wildlife and other experiences in Africa!  They ended up purchasing some of the items I had, which then lead us into a conversation about Africa.  Marsha was convinced it was too far, no, she could not conceive of flying longer than the number of hours on a flight from Chicago to Jamaica.  Like I go to Africa, she goes to Jamaica!  She is actually there as of this writing.  Oh no, not her, not Africa. She could not get pas the thought of how long the flight was.  Not too long after that,  and after I retired, I asked her if she wanted to join my niece and I on safari in Africa. Adamantly, she said no, for the reason cited.  But she began to think more and more and remembered some of the stories and experiences she’d heard from me. She reluctantly said OK, I’ll go, very un-enthusiastically, I might add. No need to go into the rest of the story – suffice it to say she has now gone THREE times and I’m sure she will go again. She will be the first one to day, forget the distance, forget the money, just GO, you’ll be glad you did!

MillieMillie:  Millie first joined me in 2011 on a trip to Kenya.  She found me through a mutual friend.  I happened to be in the midst of planning a trip to Kenya, and kept her advised. Millie has become a great friend and has gone on to travel with me in Tanzania, Scotland/Ireland, and will be heading to Costa Rica and Botswana with me next year and most likely back to Tanzania with me later in 2015.  Millie is a traveler, she loves new experiences, she is fun and recognizes the value and education that traveling provides. Because she resides in California, we often meet locally, and often Africa is a subject that comes up in our conversation.  She has made a pact with herself, do it now while you can, so she is living the life, planning and executing that plan and her next adventure.  Bravo Millie!

JeanieJeanie:  Jeanie is a long-time friend of mine 80+ years young, and this was probably her 100th trip or so to Africa.  She fell in love many many many years ago, with Africa and everything it offers.  She doesn’t usually turn down a trip if she doesn’t have other travel plans.  I don’t know how she made time for this one with her busy travel schedule, but she did.  And was I glad to have her.  There is little doubt that she will go again, she’s still traveling and I love to see it.  Love that Jeanie.

Stretch_AndreaStretch and Andrea:  The perfect father and daughter team who had an incredible bonding experience.  Stretch was referred to me from my nephew.  Stretch was looking for a place to take his daughter for an unforgettable experience for her good grades in school.  He was thinking Hawaii.  My nephew told him, ‘man, forget about Hawaii, take her to Africa! Andrea was 13 at the time. It was an incredible experience he admits, one that was engrained in his memory, so memorable, in fact, he and Andrea will be returning on another trip.  From Stretch:  Asante Sana to you Lady Kay for arranging the thrill of a lifetime Travel Adventure for my Champion, Andrea and me.

CraigCraig:  Craig is Marsha’s son.  When we started talking about Africa, and he knew he had a year to plan and save, it was a no brainer for him.  He was awesome, taking photos of every little detail that made the trip, and doing all the video.  Because he was with family that he doesn’t often see, it made the trip much more special and meaningful.  He had such a great time, and can’t understand, why more people would want to have this adventure.  He had such a grand time, he’s going back in 2016, along with those same family he now sees more regularly.  Craig is the force behind getting SOLAR for the Leaders of tomorrow Children’s Home in Tanzania my company supports. It’s so magnificent to see the joy in people’s faces when they share this experience.  Africa is a great bonding experience – for everyone, including me.

EricaThis is Erica.  Erica is Craig’s sister and Marsha’s daughter.  Once Craig had figured out he was going, he called Erica and told her I’m going to Africa, so are you!  We’ll room together.  That’s pretty much how it began.  He actually gave Erica all the details and history was made.  Also with her brother, Erica signed up and off we went.  Brother and sister, were going to be traveling together, along with mom.  Everyone was excited.  Erica was actually a little sick on the trip, with a cold, but it surely didn’t stop her from enjoying herself and keeping up with everything she saw.  She said it was well worth every penny she spent on this special experience.  One of her special moments, spending time with the kids at Pete and Charlotte O’Neal’s Leader of Tomorrow’s Children’s home.

Carmelo_LaurenThe Honeymooners:  Carmelo and Lauren.  Carmelo is my nephew and now Lauren is my niece.  Lauren had traveled in South Africa on a semester at sea.  Since then, she had been chomping at the bit, to return to Africa.  She got her chance when we met and Carmelo told her what I do.  Carmelo really had no idea about Africa, so it was amazing watching him and sharing that experience. We soon hatched a plan, almost three years out, that their entire family would travel.  They weren’t married at the time, and three years is a long way away….But shortly after they said I Do, they found themselves in Africa with their families, Lauren with hers, and Carmelo with part of his. From Day One, they began planning their trip back, and now in 2016 they are heading back with others.  They saved during this time, like they’re saving now, and by making it a priority, they were able to realize their dreams.

Laurens_FamilySharing in the joy of the honeymooners, are Jaclyn, Lauren, Tom and Ann, (Lauren’s Family).  What an adventure we all took!  You may not think of Africa as a honeymoon destination, but it certainly is, Who do you know?


Rowena_LorilieRowena and Lorilie:  These are both my nieces.  I invited my niece Lorilie to travel with me several  years ago…almost free, she didn’t seem too excited though. I chalked it up to being overwhelmed with school and work.  As the time approached she got a little more excited.  But, after she arrived, she and Marsha both, came alive with enthusiasm, and high energy.  They were like kids in a candy store.  We just had the best time, even though they missed seeing a leopard on their first trip.

Never give up in Africa, so they went again.  Lorilie has now traveled once to Kenya, 3x to Tanzania and Rowena has traveled to Tanzania and South Africa with me as well as other destinations. Both are ready to go back on their next adventure.  Two of those trips were with Lorilie’s then fiancé, now her husband.  He is now so focused on going to Zanzibar again, I’m certain he will do it.  It’s hard to explain how the trip makes you feel, but whatever it does, it seems to happen to almost everyone.

Kenneth and LorilieIt wasn’t long after Lorilie’s first trip that she returned and convinced her fiancé to go.  Here they are in a hot air balloon over the Serengeti.  It didn’t take much, he was ready from the get go.  He briefly talked about the long flight, but quickly warmed up to the idea that what he would gain would outweigh the long flight or any other negative thoughts he might have had.  I’m sure those are long gone by now.  He’s now been twice and we have plans to go again. He has said that the education one gets from travel to Africa can’t be matched on any other trip.

From the 30’s and up, these are just some of the many travelers who have joined me in getting bitten by the ‘safari bug’, and have made Destined To Travel their go to company to share their safari experience.  The fact that most of these guests have returned to East Africa several times is testament to their enjoyment of the experience. For me, it was really important to have my family know what I do so they can see and feel it themselves.  I’m just missing my son now – to have the experience.  Hopefully, that will be coming soon!  Now that most have gone twice or more, they can confidently recommend Safari Kay and Destined To Travel and speak highly of their own experience.

Stay tuned for Part II with more of Destined To Travel travelers.



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