Fact or Fiction, Myths about African Safaris: Health and Safety

Enjoy your trip to Africa: Ebola and safety should not be a concern


map of AfricaWe talk of Ebola, a disease concentrated in the western part of Africa, some 3500+ miles from East Africa.  Despite this, East Africa continues to suffer as people cancel their trips well into 2015.  What are they waiting for? Why are they canceling?  That is what everyone is trying to figure out? As the workers in Africa continue to lose their jobs, camps continue to close and tourism numbers drop to an all time low.

When tourism drops, poaching increases, illegal hunting takes a front seat, parks and conservancies must shut down and stored up food goes to waste.  It is very sad to see this happen.  I want to do something, but I can’t force people to travel.  I hate to see what is happening. Yes, it affects my business, but more importantly, it affects people I know personally. I know that if these cancelations continue, there will be insufficient business to sustain Africa – for anyone.  That would be a very sad situation. maybe now is the time to think about this well-priced safari for $2825 per person.  It is a phenomenal value, but it’s unfortunate that the reason it is, is due to mis-information.  Now is when they need our support.  Now is the time to consider this well-priced experience. Please take some time to read this article from Reuters “Ebola fears ripple across continent to hurt East African tourism”.


We talk about safety and security, and as much as I have traveled throughout East Africa, I have never run into any problems where the lives of our group has been threatened in any way.  This is a fact.  I have felt less safe in some parts of the USA than I’ve ever felt in Kenya or Tanzania.  That’s not to say there aren’t criminal elements or situations, or that it is crime-free.  We must continue to be vigilant no matter where we are.  It is true that Kenya has had some unfortunate circumstances that have threatened the existence of their tourism infrastructure, but this generally has occurred in areas where tourists rarely frequent.  This has presented some negative views towards Africa, as most people associate problems in any country as being problems in all countries. This is fiction.


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