Fact or Fiction, African Safari: Flight, Food, and Fun

The Flight

Before one even thinks about how long the flight is, they’ve already thought about the reasons why they don’t want to travel to Africa, among those reasons, safety, security and food.  Usually, the next issue is how long is the flight.  The truth is if you want to travel to Africa, it doesn’t matter how long the flight is – there is no other way to get there.

Five Movies – Five Movies

Fly to AfricaAs most of those who know me, and what I do, they know I describe the distance from the USA to Africa as five movies and five movies.  If you figure a move is approximately two hours.  That equates to one flight to Europe of approximately 9.5 hours and one flight from Europe to Africa, which equates to another 9.5 hours.  However, that shouldn’t be a factor in someone not traveling.  Most of those same people don’t ask how long it is to go to Australia or China.  They will just decide that is where they want to go, and however long it takes, that is what they will do.  The reality is, most of those destinations are just as far, give or take a couple of hours for connection times, airport maneuvering etc.  That is a fact. 

Culinary Delights

dinner and dessert on safari

Why is it that people automatically think that the food in Africa is distasteful?  The desserts are  to die for. Did you know that there are those who believe we eat things we would never dream of eating at home in the USA, like bugs? Yes, people do believe that!  This is fiction. While I do know there are places that fry worms and termites, and other unsavory things, we don’t generally eat, that is not what we eat when we travel to Africa. What do we really eat while on an African Safari?  The food is so good, that it rivals any food that you would eat around the world, or in any 4 or 5-star restaurant in the USA.  No one has ever complained to me about the food.  I’m still trying to figure out how they cook so well in the middle of the bush – that’s always been puzzling to me. In fact, I’ve seen them cook by candlelight.  It’s truly amazing what they prepare for your presentation. That is a fact.


So now we’ve gotten past the eating, past the security issues, past the length of the flight and past the safari pricing.  If one can get past those things, there is still one more hurdle that people are very concerned with, where do you sleep?  Most will spout off even before I finish talking about Africa that they might consider going, but if they do, sleeping in a tent is out of the question.

Tented canvas tent, African safariWhile there are many different types of accommodations, there indeed are many tented camps, of all styles and standards Fact:  If you have seen any of the photos of some of the tents that I’ve posted on Facebook, or in previous blogs, you would know that a tent isn’t always what you would imagine.  This room is in a tented camp, with canvas doors. If this is the reason that people won’t travel to Africa, because of where they think they might sleep, that would be a good indicator that they just have no interest in going, and this is a good reason (excuse) not to go.

Tentside pool

We love excitement, as we are showing our Love to our lovely staff.  So now that we’ve cleared up the facts from the fiction do I have any takers out there willing to step out of the box, and move outside their comfort zone, to do something they never thought they would?

And, yes, we do rough-it on occasion. At least this is our idea of Safari outoor dinningroughing it, I’m not sure what yours is.

For more information, please visit destined-to-travel.com and see some of the photos of the many sightings you might see on safari.  I’d love to have you join us on safari on an upcoming trip. Cheers Everyone!!!

Having fun on an African safariHaving fun on an African safari


Having fun on an African safari




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