Eyes on Africa!


Here are a few photographs and videos from my photographic safaris in Tanzania and Kenya.  These photos/videos were taken during safaris in East Africa.  They are just glimpses into what your safari might look like, from places you will stay, to food you will eat, to sightings you will spot on safari.


A safari is always filled with surprises, so what you see here may not be what you’ll see on yours, you might see drama I didn’t see, or you may have an entirely different sighting that no one has seen.  On any safari, you will be able to write your own stories about the photos you take.  Your photographs are memories of the mind and every photograph and every thought about it will be yours, and yours alone.


As you peruse these photos, imagine yourself there, in front of it, in awe of the picture unfolding in front of you.  We hope you will join us soon.  Destined To Travel is continuously adding photos and videos, so please, do visit often.
Tanzania - TentedTanzania - LodgeTanzania - LodgeTanzania - LodgeAfrican Safari tentAfrican tent, accomodationsAfrican Safaris - Lions in TreeFischer's LovebirdsUAACC kidsThe White Lions of TimbavatiSand Castles in the African Bush, Termite MoundsLeopard in a treeleopard_treeleopard napping in a treeleopard_climbing_down_treeWildebeest and CheetahElephant, African SafariElephant3cheetah, jaws of life

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Serengeti Pioneer Camp IMG_0416IMG_0434 P1050524 P1050556 P1050614 P1050617 P1050622 P1050624 P1050629 P1050654 P1050657 P1050661 P1050665 P1060767 A baby Superb African Fish Eagle Bateleur Eagle DSC_0663 DSC_0667-3 DSC_0911 - Version 8 EPV0315 - Version 3 giraffes P1000631 IMG_2483 IMG_2484 IMG_2488 P1000786 P1000836 P1000850 P1000920 P1000923 P1020501 IMG_3812 IMG_3990 IMG_4005 IMG_4058 IMG_4393 P1010691 P1060681Migration of the WidebeastZebraDazzle AugerBuzzardFlying DustBathZebra ElephantDrinking GroundHornbill ImpalaHerdTanzania LongestHornRhino MomBabyElephantWalking Secretary Bird TanzaniaSunset1 TanzaniaSunset2 TanzaniaSunset3 TawnyEagleLake MasekIMG_0424