The Elephant in the Room

After spending at least an hour with the leopard, it is almost 2:00 p.m.  This time we start heading back, for sure.  Before you know it, it will be dinner-time and we’re still out in the bush, spotting wildlife.  Eventually, we have to just drive by most of it – to only hope we can see more on our afternoon game drive.  So off we go, but not before making that pit stop we desperately need. 

En route, what pops out of the bush, a huge giraffe heading for another acacia tree.  It’s amazing how their tongue darts in between those long and dangerous thorns, but they do.  We spot an eagle in the tree.  We are all amazed and thrilled to see that gigantic wing span.  Off he goes and off we go!

Elephant, African Safari Elephant2Elephant4We drive along the Big Marsh, on our way back, and lo and behold, a huge bull elephant is walking along the marsh, alone.  He looks at us to assess any threats, and then moves along towards the road.  Just as he heads off, two very large bulls approach the other end of the road.  They stop and take a dust bath, using their trunks to throw dirt on themselves, to keep cool.  They are having a good time.  We are having a good time.  Once again, we forget about lunch and concentrate on the elephants who have now walked alongside the vehicle. One of them, has only one tusk – must have lost the other in a fight.  You can’t poach an elephant to take it’s tusks, without killing it, so we know that he lost it another way.


Elephants are gentle giants that are amazing to watch, how they eat, what they eat, how they play.  We always ensure we are no threat to them, and the driver must search around the area to make sure there are no babies that we might get too close too.  If they feel threatened or you invade their space, that is not a good thing and they will let you know it.  The trumpet sound of an elephant is not something you ever forget.  We never want to put ourselves in that kind of danger.  So, although they are pretty close to us, we are very quiet and very still.

Elephant3We finally – again – make the decision to head directly back to camp.  It’s been almost eight hours, seems like two, since we left camp at 6 a.m.  From there, we saw the wildebeest migration, the little ones who have lost their way, the lion pride, the cheetah hunt, two leopards, and now elephants.  It just couldn’t get any better than that for my new first time guests.

They are so excited, so overwhelmed with what they have seen, in one day. I too am thrilled.  Although my other guest has been several times to Africa and Tanzania, both she and I are overjoyed at all the predator activity we have seen on the one game drive.  My driver has over 25 years experience in seeing this and he, too, is so excited – just like the 13 year old.  What a GREAT day this was!  Now, imagine this was YOUR safari, imagine yourself here!  It’s FUN to be Different with ‘Safari’ Kay!

Safari Kay

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