Life is Not Easy on the Serengeti, Part Six: Jaws of Death

JAWS OF DEATH 11:30 am Regrouped, and re-invigorated now after their unsuccessful attempt at thwarting the young wildebeest into their powerful jaws.  Seemingly, the cheetah’s boundless energy is now re-focused on a young wildebeest trotting along with its mother, apart from the safety of the larger herd.  Their eyes dart first to the approaching herd,…

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Life is Not Easy on the Serengeti, Part Three

cheetah atop a National Geographic vehicle

At 6:00am we witnessed the wildebeest migration, and by 8:00am we were in awe of a pride of lionesses and their cubs. What happens next had us awestruck… 9: 15 am – CHEETAH SPOTS We realize we have been so busy on this morning, we have not yet stopped for our breakfast in the bush,…

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Life is Not Easy on the Serengeti, Part Two

Lions early in the morning, Serengeti, African Safari

Last week I featured the migration of the Wildebeest and their tragedies on the Serengeti.  During our 6:00am intimate breakfast by the lake, we didn’t have a clue as to what we were to witness next. 8am – Lion in Wait By 8:00am, reluctantly, we move beyond the lake onto the almost treeless vast plains of…

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Life is Not Easy on the Serengeti, Part One


6:00 a.m. Against All Odds On this beautiful and serene morning, waking at the crack of dawn, my driver and I had decided that our group would have an intimate breakfast in the bush as an introduction to the Serengeti.  This is the time animals are engaged, active in the brisk morning coolness before the…

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The White Lions of Timbavati

Have you ever seen a white lion? Well me either.  Though I knew about them, and had wanted to see one for the many years that I had been traveling to South Africa, I had not yet seen one.  But on this beautiful day in 2010, as my group and I were about to head…

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The Greatest Show on Earth!

No, it’s not Ringling Barnum and Bailey’s Circus. It is the real greatest show on earth, a natural wonder that occurs twelve months out of the year in Tanzania, while two of those months, Kenya is home. Soon, they will return to Tanzania.  What drives them?  It is their search for food (green grass) and…

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Tumble in the Jungle: Danger on the Grumeti River

Grumeti River Hippo Pool  It was just after we found a way around the rough and raging Grumeti River, that we stumbled upon this ‘tumble in the jungle’.  While we had figured a way around this raging river, this driver and his passenger were not so lucky.  In fact, not only did they end up…

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Olive, The Star Leopard

Olive was one of the most beautiful leopards I have ever seen.  When you talk about wildlife, it may be difficult to distinguish one leopard from another, but when you are used to seeing the same one, it is not that difficult to distinguish them.  So, it was unmistakable seeing Olive under the shade of…

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Another Zebra Bites the Dust?

On a recent trip to Tanzania, as we were driving along getting our daily African safari massage from the overly saturated muddy and bumpy road, one of my guests looked over and said, “Awwww, look, another zebra bit the dust. Wonder what’s going on?”

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