African Birding

AugerBuzzardFlying GroundHornbill Secretary Bird TawnyEagleBIRDS OF AFRICA

There are over 400 species of birds in East Africa.  Some you often see, others you may not.  These are just a few of those that are often seen on safari.  As much as I have traveled to East Africa, I am quite familiar with most of the more colorful birds.  I must admit, however, that I do not know, many of the LBJ’s.  (Little Brown Jobs), as they are plentiful and confusing.  Enjoy these, and think about joining me on my next safari.

Black Belly Kori Blacksmith Plover Carmine Bee EaterEurasian Bee Eater European Bee Eater Fischer's Lovebirds Flamingo Grey Headed Kingfisher Ground Hornbill Hammerkop Kori BustardKnob Billed Duck Kori Bustard Kori Bustard (Mating Lappet Faced Vulture Lilac Breasted Roller Martial Eagle Pied Kingfisher Secretary Bird Superb Starling Thicknee