A TENT, You Say? NOT ME!!

African Safari tentYou heard me right, this is a TENT, not your ordinary tent, but one you will call home perhaps if you were to travel to Africa on safari.

Over the course of time, I’ve heard many say to me, oh, no, I won’t be going if I have to stay in a tent!  And THEN, I show them photos like this.  They are speechless, many think it’s a trick.  After all, many of us have been exposed to those tempting resort photos with a backdrop of beautiful landscaped sprawling gardens and pools, and their pristine exterior and unbelievable interiors.  That is until you see it in person and realize, this fixer-upper property, surely might have, at some time looked like that.

African Safari tent

But, this is no joke, ladies and gentlemen.  This property is a ‘what you see, is what you get’ property.  It is massive, the size of some individual homes or apartments.

This particular safari tent has two bedrooms, one on each side and a living room in between.  Each beautiful and well appointed bedroom has it’s own shower.  And if that were not enough, you want for nothing.

There is a call button that summons your room attendant.  Your morning beverage is brought to you each morning, as you specify, you could even have breakfast in your room if you like.  It’s pretty much your call.  And yes, that is a hot tub, or bathtub on the sprawling deck, overlooking the plains of Africa.  I truly think most would change their mind if they thought they’d be staying anywhere like this.  You might be thinking that this is a property that only the rich could afford and once again you’d be incorrect.  THIS is a property that works for both moderate to luxury safaris.  NOW is the CALL OF THE WILD, calling you?

African Safari tentAfrican Safari tent


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