2019 Fabulous Tanzanian African Safaris

Recapping Tanzanian African Safaris in 2019

As I was sitting here in my office contemplating what next years Tanzania African Safaris would look like, and thinking over the past year, I thought I would recap for you some safari moments, and happy times experienced by my guests on safari.  It’s been a fast, furious, yet fabulous year spent in Tanzania on safari and I had so much fun with each and every group.  It was wonderful time spending it with so many great travelers, who came as strangers, and left as friends, all part of my Tanzania safari family.  As I’ve said before, safaris provide great moments of bonding as I did, with so many wonderful travelers. It is the safari highlight of my life, sharing the beauty of Tanzania with everyone, in all its wildlife glory and meeting and greeting the smiles of the Tanzania, warm and welcoming people.

Tanzania Safari Groups

There were many groups, comprising fifty five guests that were visiting Africa for their first time.  It was a season of some beautiful, adventurous and once in a lifetime sightings as well.  From mating to babies, to fighting, they saw it all.



Safari On The Rocks Safari Diane Binocs Tanzania African Safari Jumping For Joy dianeandcarolyn


Tanzania Safari APRIL 2019

We started 2019 in April, season of the long rains.  It was a 14 night safari in Tanzania.  Only thing was, it didn’t rain, hardly at all.  Perhaps a night on safari led to a damp morning that dried up in no time.  This group spotted four different leopards in some amazing different environments, from eating its meal in the tree, to eating its meal on the ground, to walking in the thicket of the bush, almost unrecognizable to just sitting and posing on the branch of an Acacia tree.  April 2019 was a private group of five, getting together to celebrate their family after the loss of their mother.  They had seen photos of when their parents went to Kenya many years ago and in honor of them, they wanted to take a trip to Africa to see what their parents had raved about.  What a great memory they shared together. I hated to see them go.

Tanzania Safari May 2019

I stayed and met two other groups in early May, among them Mayor Paul Foster of Redlands, CA, and his wife Juli, a traveler from Sedona, and two from North Carolina.  This group brought some good vibes with them.  Rainbows were everywhere, over the Serengeti, over the properties, and over the plains, seemed like everywhere we went. The colobus monkeys were out in full force for them. We had a yoga instructor with us and everywhere we were doing some type of yoga movements. Dazzles of zebra were almost at their front door in Tarangire. Our jokester in the group always kept us laughing, especially when we spent some time watching the non-mating, mating, non-mating giraffe, along with other journeys of giraffe. You can imagine those comments. Lions in and out of trees…babies hidden in the bush, flocks and flocks and flocks of waterbirds, saddle billed stork fishing and then catching a fish too big for it to eat, very funny, more crowned cranes in one place than I’d ever seen, lions were everywhere we were.  It was a fascinating time.

Tanzania Safari May 2019

leopard on a branch lake manyara mad group jacana denise and tom cheers waterbuck

Following that was a Make A Difference group from California, two of which were previous travelers.  Once again, it must have been the season for good vibes.  Mating, mating and mating from waterbuck Arusha National Park through to the Serengeti Plains, life was getting busy everywhere, even the jacanas got in on it.  This group spent the first few nights at the Leaders of Tomorrow Children’s Home getting acquainted and having fun with the children who reside here.  There were games, there was music, there was dancing, there were educational talks, there was sharing of careers.  Many of this group were retired Fire Captains, Chiefs, Highway Patrol, all of whom came together to teach CPR to the kids, and talk to them about their careers.  Following that was a safari that captured moments of shock and awe, for them.  All were newcomers except the two who had traveled just a couple of years prior.  They too, had an unbelievable safari experience.  All of us were like kids in a candy store, jumping up and down when we spotted something, well, almost. We saw one of the most beautiful leopards perched on a branch in the canopy of an acacia tree.  We almost missed him, he was so hidden, but we did not.  Our eagle eyed driver(s) wouldn’t let us miss him for the world.


Tanzania African Safaris Getting Noticed Across the USA

From the beginning of 2019, we have hosted groups from all over the United States.  That is huge for us.  I am from California, but there have been many groups where no one is from California.  We love it when we open our doors to states across the nation.


In September, we had six young ladies arrive for their trek on Mt. Kilimanjaro.  They were strong, passionate and determined and I am still in awe of their accomplishment.  They set out to do it and I have to say that all of them were successful in their attempt, but one was unable to make it due to getting sick on the mountain.  It was an unbelievable achievement for the five of them, not an easy one by any stretch, but strong young ladies made the summit and to hear their stories was just simply amazing.  Cheers ‘Gonga’ to them.

Climbers Summit



Making A Difference Safari

After their climb, more joined us to visit and stay at the Children’s Home for the Make A Difference safari, and when that finished, three more joined us and we all went on safari to round out the trip.  From North Carolina, Nevada, It was, by all accounts, an awesome September.  Good vibes all around, starting with the camouflaged leopard spotted on our first night out.  What a find. It was uphill from there, with leopards, lions, cheetah and cub, and everything in between.  The last group who joined us spotted a herd of elephants that were protected an injured elephant, whom we all saw pass away in the matriarchs arms.  It was a sad scene but we were privileged to be able to be in their midst.  We were, actually the only vehicle there.

sept2019 carfdulofhappycampers Amydoingherthing MADSept2019 Sept2019

leopard peekingThen I flew home for a month and returned in November where I hosted a private fun group, on a 12 night trip throughout Tanzania.

Tanzania African Safari NOVEMBER 2019

The November group, was the icing on the cake, after all the other wonderful safaris, this group was fortunate enough to see many lion cubs, cheetah kill with a mom and baby, and a single cheetah kill, mating, mating and more mating.  What was it about this year.  Everyone was either pregnant or in the midst of getting pregnant.  This group had the migration at their back door as they opened their sliding door to the verandah, the millions of wildebeest were just outside.  They had their own private safari at Lemala Nanyukie.  Simple awesome, It was, without a doubt, exciting and all encompassing.

lion and lioness lion and lioness mates cheetah kill shifting sands fun on the serengeti migration lion cubs

Home Again

Today, I am back home again, where I will remain over Christmas and New Years, travel to Japan and Florida before heading back to Tanzania in April/May for a month and then again in November with a fun private family group.  Hopefully, I will have some groups in between. I am open if anyone out there is reading this and thinking, oh, that sounds like fun. Between all of the groups, all of the experiences,  they saw it all;  prolific wildlife, every animal imaginable, doing everything you can imagine.  It was nature’s paradise for my guests. from babies, teenagers to the senior wildlife, that were in their last days, it seemed.  Life was great on the plains of the Serengeti, Tarangire, Ngorongoro Crater and Lake Manyara. The visit to our Children’s Home was extremely productive and enjoyable.  We’ve set up the non-profit for this part of the Make A Difference safari.  It’s been a pretty productive year for Destined To Travel, albeit very very busy.

Tanzania African Cultural Tribal Visit

As is often my plan, after groups leave, or in between groups, I had some extra time on my hands and so I decided to do something, I’d not done yet, and that was to go hunting with the Hazabwe and visit the Datoga in Lake Eyasi.  I had never really thought I would do this, but, something was pulling at me, thinking, how can I promote it if I don’t do it myself, so I did.  I am really glad I did, so I can adequately describe it to guests who might want to experience it

Datoga sunriseLakeEyasi Hadzabe

or perhaps I might include it in one of my itineraries.  At any rate, it was an experience like none other, exciting, exhilarating, educational, didn’t really matter than I didn’t understand the language, even with an interpreter, it was clear at some points, what they were saying.  While they were hunting, the words they clicked, exuded excitement as they caught a wild animal – a squirrel.  Don’t laugh, the pains they went through to catch this squirrel was amazing.  I’d resigned myself way before I went, if they don’t catch something, they don’t eat, so I knew they were going to catch something.  That is simply what they do.  So, watching their young faces beam with excitement, during the hunt was exciting for me as well.  I also saw the most gorgeous sunsets off Lake Eyasi,  simply eye catching. What an experience!  Another blog with more detail will come soon.The

Business this year was phenomenal and picked up tremendously over previous years.  It’s a lot of wear and tear on the body, but I’m feeling good and always ready to take a group whenever possible, even at last minute.  That being said, however, I do plan on slowing down a bit, so look for things to operate a little bit differently.  If you’re interested in planning yours, message me.

The Rains of Africa

I know  that I will escort, April and May groups.  Those are the least expensive times of the year, and to me, the most beautiful, in terms of weather and environment.  It’s green season and that means rain.  Oh yes, the rains of Africa by Toto.  Our theme song, but can you believe it, in fifteen years, we’ve never had to stop a safari more than an hour or two.  Many won’t travel in the rain, but they don’t know what they’re missing either. If it was to somewhere where I’d be NgorongoroCratersignwalking around, in and out of buildings, I would not either.  But in Tanzania, you will be in a vehicle, and animals are not adverse to rain.  Elephants love the rain, in fact.  Why just this last trip in November, a herd of elephants rushed to the side of the road we were on, to enjoy the mud puddles, bathing and playing like kids. elephant lyingdownelephant It was raining but they gave us a show we will never forget.  Don’t discount this season because of the rain – if it even rains at all.  I’ve been doing safaris in this season for more than a few years, but it’s never rained everyday, all day, and we were always out in it.  Did we get stuck?  Sure thing, but just sit back and enjoy the adventure.  Your driver will take care of everything.  We have also had guests get out and help, though we don’t encourage it.  You can expect these trips to be very economical – and the one to take if you believe you can’t afford a more expensive safari.  2021 is the time to watch!

My Teammate and Colleague in Tanzania

My colleague and wildlife expert driver-guide will be leading more safaris and he will be the one to pick you up and do what I have done for years.  In the past, I’ve concentrated on leading groups of minimum of six and as many as 30.  The pricing is always better with group pricing, which is why they fill up so quickly.  However, there are many times when only two people might want to travel or perhaps they don’t want to travel with a group.  That’s fine, we will be able to accommodate them.  Paul will be there for them.  Just a note, remember with less than six in the vehicle, it will be more expensive, because you’re not sharing the cost with others, but it will be possible.

PaulA Local Tanzanian, Ready, Willing and Able to Take You on Safari

Paul has over 25 years of experience and 10 of those with Destined To Travel.  He knows how to do it Destined To Travel style.  He is the one who will make or break your safari, whether I’m there or not, so this will free me up to lead private groups, at any time of the year that I might be available.   So don’t hesitate if you want to travel on your own, we can make it work for you.

During the other times of the year, I will be concentrating on private groups.  What is a private group, you may ask?  A private group is one that comes to me, not one that I am putting together.  It can be a group of family, friends, coworkers, social clubs, people who know each other and want to travel together.  A private group can also be a group’s organization, like the Eastvale Chamber of Commerce, or ETC, another group that I belong too.  Those groups, that have members of a common cause, will be groups that I would be leading.  They can operate at any time of the year that we decide, together, based on my availability.  The pricing for those groups would be worked out between the leader of that group and myself and together we would decide on the details of travel.

What about 2020?  We’re pretty booked up for 2020, some space may still be available for private groups.   Now would be a good time to plan if you’re thinking of Destined To Travel to host your own exclusive private group.

Your African Safari – Take it OFF Your Bucket List

Let me say this again, if a safari is on your radar, think of doing it sooner rather than later.  As I’ve said a hundred times, take it off your bucket list and put it on your live list.  It is a must see NOW!  There is so much going on in Africa that will change the landscape in the next few years, you surely don’t want to miss the opportunity to see Africa (and Tanzania) as it exists today.  It is no secret that elephants are being killed one every fifteen minutes.  Do you really want to wait and read about these gentle creatures in a book.  They are amazing: here, I doubt it.  Many of you have seen the pictures I post on Facebook, do you rally want to miss that?  Would you be content to read about all of the wildlife in a book?  I doubt that too!

So start with not just saying, we’re going to do that one day, or I want to go with you and then never make plans.  MAKE IT HAPPEN!  Start your planning now and join us and share the sunset with us in 2021. https://destined-to-travel.com/upcoming-safaris/. You’ll have a couple of choices if you join one of the April May groups, and if you have your private group, we can certainly make that work too.  As one person who traveled on safari told me, ‘Kay you may be a small company, but you and Paul provide big adventures, and big memories, with exceptional service! Safarikay



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