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Make A Difference Safari

Make A Difference Safari•February 2016

Here are a few images of our Make A Difference Safari of 2016.

Please share our vision in Making A Difference for UAACC and Saving the Wildlife.  If you’d like to specify a specific amount for each or dedicate your donation specifically for one program, you may include a note.  Otherwise the funds will be distributed as needed.  100% of the funds will be disbursed.  No funds are maintained by Destined To Travel, LLC.


___ – Kay – ___

Carmelo and ...

Craig – Carmelo –


children learning

Carmelo showing Children an application

Lauren and ___

____ and Lauren


Kid checking image on camera

Kid checking image on camera



___ explaining to child

Children drawing

Children drawing


tescher and class

___ and class

child Showing their drawing

Showing their drawing


Around the campfire

Around the campfire