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Here is your opportunity to meet, chat and find out more about the man himself – Pete O’Neal.  Having lived in Tanzania in exile for more than 40 years, listen to his his-story, and share his struggles, where he came from, his time in between and where he is now.  It’s a fascinating story of a man without a country, one you’ll only hear if you join us on this journey.  It is anticipated that this safari will be led by a representative of Destined To Travel Tentative itinerary:

Arrival on 2 November

Overnight in Arusha, (city) Mt. Meru Game Lodge

Following Day: Breakfast, Transfer to UAACC

Overnight at UAACC (Basic Accommodations) – 4 nights

To Be Arranged:  Pickup for Shopping Tour, and Arusha National Park

Overnight in Arusha (city), Mt. Meru Game Lodge

Relax for the day, enjoy the property, lunch, and 5:00 p.m. transfer to the airport



November  2017 – $4695 per person LAND Only

This safari is scheduled for Arrival on 3 November and will be led by ‘Safari’ Kay!

After your long flight, you’ll spend two nights in Arusha, Tanzania’s safari capital, and enjoy a shopping spree, art gallery, and a visit to UAACC, our community support organization, comprising 24 disadvantaged youth and the most dynamic leaders of this organization you’ll ever hope to meet.  Then we’ll visit other safari areas, where we will experience some of Tanzania’s great National Parks and the famous Ngorongoro Crater. We’ll enjoy a couple of nights R&R on the great plains of the Serengeti, where we’ll be in search of the wild cats of Tanzania. Please join us.

BIRTHING AND BABIES – 10 nights, February 12, 2018 (departure)

This trip is scheduled for Arrival on 13 February to be led by ‘Safari’ Kay!

For your Valentine’s Day, you will enjoy very special surprise treats.  Shhhh, if I tell you, it won’t be a surprise.

Every February, millions of wildebeest and many thousands of zebra give birth to their babies simultaneously on the Plains of the Serengeti.  If you’re fortunate, you may see a few births, but you will surely see babies weeks, and many times, just days old, struggling to walk and run with their moms in this dangerous new environment they have been born into.  As they struggle, predators are not far behind, and although not always pleasant, you could witness the struggles of survival of the fittest. You may also be surprised at how agile these newborns are and they keep up with their mom to escape any present dangers.


MAKE A DIFFERENCE – 6 nights date tbd

Arrival Date TBD Overnight at Mt. Meru Game Lodge – 2 night

UAACC – 4 nights including pickup for visit to Arusha National Park

This is your opportunity to give back, to make a difference in the lives of 24 young disadvantaged youth.  You never know what you might do or say that can change the direction of their lives.  Share your skills, your talents, your profession with them and watch them flourish.  This safari will operate before or after the Don’t Blink, Don’t Think safari. Both groups will fly over together, the Make A Difference group will head to the school after two nights, spend four nights at UAACC, return on the last morning to Mt. Meru Game Lodge, for lunch, and then off to the airport.

If you’d like to do an optional safari for additional costs, please inquire!

DON’T BLINK, DON’T THINK – 9 nights May  14, 2018 (departure)

Here’s another opportunity to visit Tanzania in the Green Season.  You’ll marvel at the beautiful flowers blooming on the floor of the crater, as all around you the green grasses have begun to spring up. It could be a bit rainy, but seldom, if ever has it dampened the enjoyment of our safari.

Arrival on May 15, Overnight at Mt. Meru Game Lodge – 2 nights

Five Nights include:

Visit to safari areas, plus enjoy the UNESCO Ngorongoro Crater and 2 nights in the Serengeti

Both the Make A Difference and the Don’t Blink safaris are subject to change as the group builds.  Please inquire.



*This is a very special safari – it’s strictly by invitation from any of the past travelers.

Join me as we head for Kenya (7 nights) and Tanzania (9 or 11 nights) in celebration of ten years in business, for Destined To Travel.  Many were skeptical, but since 2008 Destined To Travel has taken many groups and changed the perceptions and stereotypes of what the media, has for years, portrayed of this beautiful country.

This is the migration season in Kenya, so your opportunity to hopefully, see a river crossing or two, as over a million wildebeest and several hundred thousand zebra try to make it safely across the river for greener pastures.  While in Tanzania, herds are still grazing the green pastures along the riverfront.  We will fly directly from Kenya to the Norther Serengeti, known as Kogatende, to complete your extraordinary wildlife sightings.


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If you would like me to plan your own private safari, I am able to do that as well.  Let’s talk,  I can provide you with  recommendations and discuss your specific desires and then plan your private and personal safari.  I can escort it or you can be met by my driver who will ensure your comfort and safety.

Be assured any unescorted trip will be of the same quality that you’ve come to expect from Destined To Travel. Additionally, if your safari is in Tanzania, my Tanzanian driver-guides will be at the ready to meet and greet you and take excellent care of you while you are on safari.  Please inquire if you would prefer your own unescorted private safari.