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About Safari Kay

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Enjoy The Journey – Did you know that two or more giraffe is called a journey of giraffe.


A word from Kay, owner Destined To Travel LLC:You may know me as ‘Safari’ Kay!  With over twenty years in the travel business, the name Kay Trotman is now always associated as ‘Safari’ Kay.

Specializing in African safaris in East Africa, primarily Tanzania and Kenya, Destined To Travel offers several opportunities a year, to participate on this exciting journey. We have our own dedicated vehicles and drivers based in Tanzania, ready and waiting for you to arrive.

We also offer countries outside of Africa. Over the past few years, these have included Cuba, China, Thailand, Italy, Brazil, London, France, Caribbean, Costa Rica. Other destinations within Africa and outside of Africa may be done on request. Since the start of this journey in 2008,  many countries have opened their doors which has allowed me to carefully and skillfully plan and escort many different groups to exotic, exciting and adventurous international destinations around the world.

Destined To Travel is a licensed, insured, bonded travel agency.  Planning, organizing and accompanying safari groups to Tanzania and Kenya, the finest safari destinations in East Africa; we invite you to try us out, and we look forward to seeing you on safari!


Just a note about the love I share for Africa as a destination.  You can read more of my story and see a short video here.  Find out how I found myself in Africa. (It is said, we wander for distraction, we travel for fulfillment…I had been wandering but now I travel to Africa and that has fulfilled my life immensely).  It’s been a journey of self discovery, focused on the aspect of living each day to the fullest, .  It’s provided me with meaningful experiences and soulful enthusiasm.  Most importantly, Africa has revealed so much of what I want others to feel, to share and to enjoy.  It’s a spiritual rejuvenation, filled with emotion, that offers unending inspiration, and inspires others to feel what I’ve always felt from my first time in Africa and certainly the more than fifty times to Tanzania.  For the full and complete video, please click on this link: Find Yourself in Africa: My Story to Yours

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Safari Kay:  The passion behind Destined To Travel

Kay has been in the travel industry for over twenty-five years, specializing in African safaris for the last ten years.  The spiritual journey that started in 2006 created a passion that led her to found Destined To Travel, LLC in 2008, of which she is president.  She has traveled to Africa over four dozen times and taken nearly as many groups.  She is the tour leader and escort for most of the safaris or meets groups on location.  This ‘adventivity’ (creativity and adventure), combines a sense of creative energy with a sense of adventure.  A trip to Africa appeals to ones’ inner harmony, an enthusiasm, a spiritual rejuvenation, and a greater understanding of life in a third world country. It is a soulful journey for those who make the opportunity to experience it.  Enriched by years of wisdom, insight, and energetic achievements over these past ten years has led to the Make A Difference safari, in support of the local Leaders of Tomorrow Children’s Home.  Destined To Travel’s guests have made it possible for these disadvantaged smart young adults to complete their educational journey.


Sharing this journey has enriched my life and I am confident that it will enrich yours as well!  Traveling on over four dozen safaris in twelve different African nations, has opened eyes and doors that were previously closed.

We organize customized groups which offers an ‘out of the box’ unique type of experience,  that will wow even the most seasoned traveler.

We strive to provide the best, most comprehensive safari experience in a safe in a welcoming, rich environment.


  • Tanzania safaris are private and customized for the specific group.
  • You are my guest for the length of your safari
  • All group safaris are accompanied by Safari Kay, who will personally guide you through the process the moment you sign up for a trip. Destined To Travel drivers will warmly meet you upon arriving in Tanzania.
  • Groups sizes are small, and intimate, usually twelve to fifteen travelers,
  • All ages, ethnicities,  male and female, please inquire about children
  • Flexibility: Birthday, Anniversary, Honeymoon, Family Reunion, No Problem. Just inquire, there are many individualized ways to help celebrate your special occasion
  • No brochure scheduled departure dates, no pre-scheduled accommodations.  Once the group is formed, then the itinerary is finalized, dependent on the size of the final group.
  • ‘Safari’ Kay travels to these areas to inspect a myriad of properties regularly!  This provides the opportunity to book accommodations based on first-hand experiences to suit the traveler’s needs
  • Destined To Travel has many repeat guests.  On average most travel 2 times, while some travel all the much more than twice.

Safari Images may be found on the  Eyes to Africa page.  Keep checking back as new photos are added all the time.

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